I'm back!pic

I'm back!

Hey guys (: I'm back after nearly a year of working so hard in college and basically doing nothing else. However its all paid off as…
kaydeexo Jul 14, 2014
Blue hair, don't care.pic
Lets finish what we started.pic

Lets finish what we started.

Hey guys, hope everyone is good (: I'm super busy at the moment with my final piece due in in college soon! However, I can't…
kaydeexo May 15, 2013

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kaydeexo Apr 17, 2013
Blue hair, don't care.pic

Blue hair, don't care.

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in a whole, my laptop has broken so I'm posting on my iphone for the first time which is…
kaydeexo Apr 06, 2013

Finding Peace When You Feel Scared

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching Came across this great article thought you guys might be able to take something from it! Finding Peace When You Feel Scared About…
kaydeexo Feb 16, 2013 Originally by audrey

Valentines Inspiration..

I am personally so excited for Valentines this year. last year, i wasn't over my ex so it was the worst day EVER, but this…
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kaydeexo Feb 12, 2013
Morning glory.pic
kaydeexo Jan 27, 2013

Thats life.

Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while so thought i'd give you guys a heads up on whats going on in life. this new year…
kaydeexo Jan 27, 2013
Merry Christmas everyone!pic

Merry Christmas everyone!

Had an awesome day so far, got a new sewing machine, dress mannequinn, dvds, cds etc. had an awesome dinner now in bed watching lord…
kaydeexo Dec 25, 2012
Sick. :pic

Sick. :(

Hey guys! Been sick all this week :( finally got my iphone though woo (: follow me on instagram: kaydeelouisexo Spent all day lounging around the…
kaydeexo Dec 15, 2012
With the Punches, Swansea 7.12.12pic

With the Punches, Swansea 7.12.12

I really need to stop dying my hair - as you can see it's now a chocolate brown :D Went to see With the Punches…
kaydeexo Dec 09, 2012
New hair.pic

New hair.

Gone for a reddish pinkish look.. what you guys think? (:
kaydeexo Nov 21, 2012

Hello kitty onesie love.

I love my hello kitty onesie. I could happily live in it forever haha. Off to bed, exhausted! Here in britain, it has been "guy…
kaydeexo Nov 05, 2012


Just come home from a night with the boys and lou.. and i think they all still find it really weird that i dont drink…
kaydeexo Nov 03, 2012

How To Stay Motivated

Reblogged from Audrey Kitching I have been asked by a few of you to do a post on staying motivated and how to achieve this! To…
kaydeexo Nov 02, 2012 Originally by audrey


kaydeexo Nov 01, 2012

Minnie Mouse Boredom...

I know it's late, but Happy Halloween! (: Had an awesome night out last night, ending up going out with the lads, louise, and my…
kaydeexo Nov 01, 2012

Inspired by Mcfly...

The other night, My Mum shouted to me that were Mcfly were on the tv, as she always does, and has done since i was…
kaydeexo Oct 18, 2012

Healthy eating - the way to a fresh start?

Here in Britain it's just gone midnight. I've been doing fashion stuff since 9am this morning, and can honestly say i'm so tired. Unfortunately, i've…
kaydeexo Oct 11, 2012

Vivienne WestWood

Yesterday in college we had to watch a film on Vivienne Westwood - perfect for me as I absolutely adore her. I love how British…
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kaydeexo Oct 03, 2012

Off to London tomorrow.

Hey guys! I'm so excited i can't sleep. I'm off to london tomorrow to stay with my friend Sarah for a few days. I got…
kaydeexo Sep 25, 2012

Sunday Evening fun.

Hi guys! Completely forgot to tell you all that i now have lilac hair, so heres a photo for y'all (: Had a pretty awesome week…
kaydeexo Sep 16, 2012
New Hair.pic

New Hair.

Sorry for the half photo. Yes. i now have pink/lilac hair. it's abit messed up at the moment, so i'll post more photos when it…
kaydeexo Aug 30, 2012

All time low/The maine Uk tour.

I have just come back from possibly the best week of my life. So much fun! It all kicked off the last week of jan…
kaydeexo Feb 09, 2012
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About Me:

Kaydee lou. twenty one years old. Fashion design student. I've got a passion for herbal teas, fashion and anything leopard print.

I love; My Friends, Movie nights, green tea, Chanel, All time low, going to gigs, hair extensions, sitting under the stars, snuggles, the city, correct grammar,sugar free red bull, wine, holding hands, vogue, late nights, my blackberry, over accessorizing, him, shopping.


fashion, reading, going to gigs, hanging with friends

Favorite Music:

the maine, all time low, mayday parade, a rocket to the, a rocket to the moon, valencia, the story so far, man overboard, transit, we are the in crowd, blink 182, the summer set

Favorite Movies:

the september issue, say anything, breakfast at tiffanys, 10 things i hate about you, get him to the greek

Favorite TV Shows:

gossip girl, sex and the city